Preview of American Rebels

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Goodreads named American Rebels one of “the most highly anticipated new and upcoming nonfiction… books readers can’t wait to crack open…”

Nina Sankovitch pens another tour de force as she dives into the tight-knit web of colonial families that propelled the American Revolution…hugely enjoyable … AMERICAN REBELS succeeds marvelously in putting human faces on the American Revolution and showing readers how seismic events rippled outward from door-to-door intimacy.” – Christian Science Monitor

“American Rebels  reminds us that as momentous events unfolded, the stuff of daily life carried on—courtships, marriages, family gatherings; houses were constructed, careers furthered, gout and consumption endured by some.”  — Wall Street Journal 

“Best-selling author Nina Sankovitch has given us a magnificent, solid work on the life, times and people who helped guide the American colonies to freedom from English rule….

Sankovitch has combined detailed research and reporting and a critically straightforward conversational writing style that puts her readers in the hearts and minds of participants and, more important, offers us fresh perspective of the events leading to revolution here.” — The Martha’s Vineyard Times

“Sankovitch has woven a compelling, potent chronicle … that will be valued by readers of American history at all levels.” — Starred review, Library Journal

“Historian Sankovitch explores… family connections and revolutionary politics … in this richly detailed and fluidly written account…Sankovitch leavens her deeply researched account with wit, and presents a persuasive and entertaining portrait of life in colonial Boston. Revolutionary War buffs will savor this thoughtful addition to popular histories of the period.” — Publishers Weekly

American Rebels “is certainly an eye-opener. And in this time of isolation, her work exploring another small New England town in an equally fraught time can help us better appreciate both place and time. Sankovitch traces the route by which loyal British subjects grew to oppose the king, fight for freedom and lead a fledgling country into existence. You may not know those patriots beyond names from history. But they were living, breathing men and women, with passion, pride, contradictions, foibles, strength, talent, worries and fears. The author brings them to life, explaining their relationships with each other and with the town that helped make them who they are.” — Dan Woog, Westport News

“Sankovitch lays out the evolution of eighteenth-century political thought and shows how it arose within these families and their interconnections. Students of American Revolution history will find a fresh perspective…” — Booklist