Translations of Tolstoy and the Purple Chair

My book Tolstoy and the Purple Chair is now available in a number of languages.  I am grateful to all the translators who worked on my book for bringing it to a larger and larger audience; I am full of respect for my wonderful translators, for taking the time to recreate my prose in a way that honors my purpose of understanding grief and sorrow and joy through books; and I offer my heartfelt thanks to all the translators, including Susan Ridder (Dutch translator), Paulo Polzonoff (Portuguese); Anke Caroline Burger and Susanne Hobel (German), Kim Byung-Hwa (Korean), and Eleonora Cadelli (Italian), for creating the multiple bridges that connect one writer to many readers, allowing for a global conversation about an universal experience.

I have heard from people from all corners of the world in the past months, and I am blown away by their praise. And I know I must share that praise with the translators who made the reading of my book possible.   Dank u! Obrigado! Vielen Dank! 감사합니다!  Molte Grazie!

And by the way, I love my name in Korean: Nina Sangkobichi.

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