The Rebels of Braintree

So what am I working on now?

I am in the midst of writing The Rebels of Braintree  – a story of how a group of young idealists from the village of Braintree – John Hancock, Dolly Quincy, John Adams, Abigail Smith Adams, Josiah Quincy, and his wife Abigail Phillips – recognized early in the 1760s that their rights as human beings and as citizens of England were being violated by Parliament and the King of England, and their rights would continue to be curtailed, suppressed, and denied until the colonists themselves demanded that their rights were inviolate, sacred, and worth fighting for – and dying for.

These young people organized themselves, their colony of Massachusetts, and then all the thirteen colonies, to eventually rise up and secure independence from one of the greatest powers in the world.






I am deeply grateful to the Massachusetts Historical Society for receipt of the Marc Friedlaender Fellowship, and for unlimited access to the meticulously maintained collections held by the Society. The fellowship and the collections were crucial to my research.  Now it is up to me, having organized my research, to write my book. Due to my publishers, the marvelous St. Martin’s Press in the late fall, The Rebels of Braintree will arrive in bookstores in 2019.