The Magic of the Bookmobile, Take Two

Thanks to Shelf Awareness, for sharing bookmobile memories from Stephen King.

My own memories of the local bookmobile is of a silvery boxy mirage, hovering and glowing in the heat of the Chicago summer sun (nothing like the latest model of Chicago bookmobile, which I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of in my recent trip back to the Midwest).  Stephen King remembers “a lumbering green van”  driven by “a hefty lady who liked kids almost as much as she liked books, and she was always willing to make a suggestion.

King recalls how one day, after he’d spent twenty minutes looking for a book from the Young Adult section of the bookmobile, the hefty lady who liked kids and books asked him just what sort of book King was looking for. And so King asked “a question–perhaps by accident, perhaps as a result of divine intervention–that unlocked the rest of my life. ‘Do you have any stories about how kids really are?’ She thought about it, then went to the section of the Bookmobile marked Adult Fiction, and pulled out a slim hardcover volume. ‘Try this, Stevie,’ she said. ‘And if anyone asks, tell them you found it yourself. Otherwise, I might get into trouble.’

The book was William Golding’s Lord of the Flies. And the rest is literary history.