The Joys of Book of the Month Club

I love my new gig as a judges, and from that pool, five books are chosen for the members of the Club.Untitled

Not only do I get to be a judge, but I am also a member of the club! That means that every month, a book is recommended for me based on my preferences. It is like going into the old corner bookstore, meeting up with the owner who has known me for ages, and getting recommendations of what to read. Only my corner book store is gone….but now Book of the Month Club is here. I look over the choices of books for the month, go with the recommended one or choose another, and then, ta da! A beautiful hardcover book appears in my mailbox. I read it, love it, and then go online to Book of the Month Club message boards to take part in the interesting and passionate conversations going on there. Conversations about books: why we love them, read them, and want more and more of them to read, and to love.

The titles that Book of the Month Club offers are special. Whether written by a known author or someone just starting out, the novels, short story collections, memoirs, biographies, and histories are well-written, engaging, original, and unforgettable. Some are more light-hearted, others are deeply, well, deep, and others are just straight and simple page turners. Books to be read in one night, no sleep possible but who needs sleep when there are such great books to read?

What is also so wonderful about the Book of the Month Club is the price of membership. Three plans are available. You can start out with just a one month membership, to test the waters, and that costs $16.99, which will get you the choice of one hardcover book among a choice of five, shipped to your house, along with access to online conversations. If you’re ready to commit to a longer membership, the three-month plan will get you a book a month for $12.99 and the year-long plan will get you a brand new beautiful hardcover book for just $8.99 per month. Untitled

Meet me at Book of the Month Club – we’ll have lots to talk about.