Reading Scifi and Fantasy from Fresno

I don’t often read Scifi and just about never read any Fantasy but I was thrilled with the stories I discovered in the 2010 Anthology of the Fresno Scifi and Fantasy Writers group, coordinated by R. Garrett Wilson.  Entitled I Dreamed A Crooked Dream, the Anthology hooked me immediately with its prologue of a young woman being held for murder.  While her excuse for the crime puts her in running for an insanity defense (she claims that she knew the murdered man from another reality), it is not institutionalization she wants, but understanding.  And so follow ten highly imaginative and thoroughly engaging chapters, each a story to be understood as a different reality experienced by the woman. At turns funny and horrifying, provoking and disturbing, the ten stories took me to space and back again, to planets and times and civilizations just enough like our own to raise the hackles on my back.  Truth or fantasy?  Science or fiction?  The stories left me creeped out and sweating, and thoroughly satisfied.  Crooked Dreams, indeed. For more information on the Fresno Scifi And Fantasy Writers group, and to order a copy of I Dreamed A Crooked Dream, visit the FSFW home page.

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  1. Nina, thank you so much for the kind words. Keep reading and I look forward to your comments about other authors that you have found.

    “New Member of FSFW”

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