Excitement at Sea: The Fulcrum Files

Mark Chisnell’s latest thriller, The Fulcrum Files, is a great e-book to add to your reading device — and make sure you take it to the beach, pool, or yard with you this weekend.  You are sure to find digital satisfaction, as The Fulcrum Files pleases sailing buffs, history aficionados, and espionage addicts, and anyone else yearning for a good, satisfying yarn.  With a love story thrown in for good measure and fascinating characters from up and down the British social ladder, The Fulcrum Files is a jolly good show.

Set in England just before World War II, the characters of The Fulcrum Files all bear, to a different degree, the scars of the last World War and no one is eager to repeat the taking-on of German military might.  Most in Britain believe Germany has been de-militarized and rendered powerless through the Treaty of Versailles but there are those who suspect a buildup is going on, under Hitler’s direction and Europe’s nose. Sailor Ben Clayton, pacifist and anti-war, wants only to continue his job working for the wealthy Harold Dunwood, building a racing yacht worthy of the Americas Cup and courting his lovely Lucy, daughter of a fisherman.

But when good friend and mentor Stanley Arbethwaite is killed in a bizarre accident, Ben gets caught up in an international spy game involving gambling, intimidation, weapons build-up, and murder. 

The Fulcrum Files reminded me of two old favorites of mine, Drink to Yesterday and Toast to Tomorrow, written by Manning Coles, the pen name of a duo who wrote twenty-two spy mysteries arising out of their own very real experiences spying for Britain during both World Wars.

Mark Chisnell has no spying experience, as far as I know, but he is a renowned sailor and his expertise comes through; joined with his riveting plotting and engaging characters, Chisnell provides a good read.  Another one of Chisnell’s novels, The Defector, is now just 99 cents from Amazon and I will be adding it to my Kindle, for more thrilling reading.