Books on My Shelves

I have a weight on my conscience, one shared by book lovers worldwide. The weight is the overflow of books that I have purchased, but have yet to read.  

The poor books!  There they are,  just sitting on my shelf, waiting to be read.  I bought those books with a plan!  Okay, I bought those books sometimes as part of a grand plan and sometimes simply on impulse.  But no matter why I bought each one, I gave them all a sense of purpose: someone just bought me, and now she’s going to read me!  I cannot wait!

But I wait.  And wait. And wait.  Other books come my way, and I read those instead. My book group chooses something and I have to read it before our next meeting. A book on the Express table at the library calls my name and I have to check it out, and now must return it within three days or PAY THE FINE.

And so my poor purchased books wallow away.  At least they have company, and good company.  A wide variety of types but all with great potential.  See them sitting there on my shelves?

I promise you, dear books, that I will read you — each and every one of you — before the year’s end.  Let me amend that promise:  I vow to start reading each and every one of you.  But if the pages fail to grab me, there may be a book or two I do not finish reading.  Fear not, my lovelies.  I will pass you on to other readers and someone, somewhere, just might fall in love.  And take you home.  And best of all, read you. 

2 thoughts on “Books on My Shelves”

  1. Amen, sister! I feel so much better having just read your post and thinking about my own overstuffed bookshelves.

  2. I had to snicker at your your latest post, with familiarity. Piles of un-read books, still as tantalizing now as they were when they were bought, and yet something still takes me back to the library!! And the bookstore, and to the book swap…. “How will you get everything read with only one life??”(unknown author)
    Thanks for the chuckle and the motivation to return to my bookshelves!

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