Walter Mosley and Promises to Keep

I have been reading Walter Mosley for years and he is a wonderful writer.  His books, ranging from the Easy Rawlings and Leonid McGill mysteries to his  wide-ranging novels to his clear and enlightening nonfiction, thrill my brain, warm my heart, and burrow deep in my memory, riches to feast upon when recalled and enjoyed … Continue reading Walter Mosley and Promises to Keep

Three Ways to Escape

Suffering post-SuperBowl, mid-winter, pre-chocolate-of-Valentine’s-Day blues? Pick up any and all of three wonderful new mysteries and escape from the blahs. All I Did Was Shoot My Man by Walter Mosley, Ghost Hero by S.J. Rozan, and Motor City Shakedown by D.E. Johnson provide five different sleuths (yes, Rozan gives us not one, not two, but … Continue reading Three Ways to Escape

Do Politicians Have Souls? Do They Read Books?

When asked by Steve Berntson, a farmer from Paulina, Iowa, to discuss books that had shaped his life, Rick Perry turned the question back to the economy and failed to name even a single book that influenced him, or cheered him, or inspired him. (New York Times, “After Rocky Start, More Study, and Sleep, for … Continue reading Do Politicians Have Souls? Do They Read Books?

Tempted Into Believing

After reading The Tempest Tales (published in 2008) by Walter Mosley, I’m ready to believe in the hereafter. But only if I can go there with someone like Tempest by my side.  This book is fabulous! Totally different from Nothing to Be Frightened Of (which I liked and which I reviewed yesterday), in Mosley’s book there is … Continue reading Tempted Into Believing