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In The Lowells of Massachusetts: An American Family, I tell the stories of the fascinating and powerful Lowell family, drawing on prodigious research to offer detailed portraits of illustrious family members across three hundred years.

In this compelling multigenerational saga,  beginning with Percival Lowell’s arrival in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 1600s, through the family’s revolutionary exploits in the 1700s, the flourishing of their Boston Brahmindynasty in the 1800s, and the new frontiers they braved in the opening decades of the 1900s, I offer not only a compelling history of our nation but also a renewed vision for our future,  where hard work, community accountability, independent spirit, and creativity result in a country rich with possibilities and promise.

A merchant prince turned farmer, a preacher turned community organizer, a lawyer turned revolutionary, a trader turned manufacturer, a poet turned abolitionist; a traveler of the Far East turned traveler of the Universe. Ministers who fought for change, lawyers who fought for human rights, boys who fought to end slavery, and young women who fought for the chance to live their own lives: these are The Lowells of Massachusetts.


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Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Celebrating the Joys of Letter Writing is the story of my quest to understand what it is about letters that make them so special. Years ago, when I was a young mother, I discovered a trove of hundred-year old letters in my backyard. The letters had been written by a Princeton freshman in to his mother in the early 1900s. cover-signed-198x300

Now I find my own son is heading off to college and I want him to write to me. But will he? Will he write as the Princeton student wrote his mother and as I wrote to my parents? Times have changed. Before I can persuade my child of the value of letters, I must first understand exactly what it is about letters that make them so special.


In 2005, my oldest sister died of cancer at the age of 46. For three years I struggled with grief but it was only when I turned to books that I was able to find my way through sorrow. Reading became my therapy and it was intense. For one year, I read a book a day. Every day. I read 365 books written by 365 different authors, and I wrote reviews of each book I read here on my blog. My year of reading was a year of escape and discovery, of comfort and of resurgence. I learned how to live again, how to remember my sister in everything that I do, and how to connect with people, not only through conversations about books but through conversations about everything.TolstoyAndThePurpleChair

Tolstoy and the Purple Chair is my memoir of reading a book a day, and of all the lessons I learned, about holding tight to memories, letting go of guilt, creating intimacy with others,acting with kindness and forebearance, and savoring JOY whenever possible, through moments of beauty, pleasure, grace, laughter, and connection. My soul-baring and literary-minded memoir is a chronicle of loss, hope, and redemption. I turned to reading as therapy, and found the power of books to help me reclaim my life.